Our FAIR Planet

August 11, 2008


The title of this post is a reference to Click and Clack…and I feel like a total AMATEUR talking about food when I peruse the above blog. She is an expert in the mechanics of gourmet, people (at least … I think the blogger is a she…). AND if she had a “shameless commerce division”, I’d buy her t-shirts…for reals. Read her recipes. They are, as a rule, lovely.

Anyway, it is exciting to see foodies picking up on a very LOGICAL topic for them to be discussing! Food sustainability. The above post is about the seafood crisis and it is both helpful and motivational. Non-preachy…just, informative and well, can get you thinking about these things but at your own pace.

I did add a comment (among the 50 million on that post) that I’ve been shopping at Wild Edibles in NYC for my seafood lately. I feel good about that because they give a lot of info about the background of each seafood item they have available. They go way beyond farmed or wild and what state/country the item came from. The postings under each item actually give information about environmental impact. Pretty fantastic!

Of course then the items that have less impact on the environment and are more sustainable… well, they are also more expensive, usually.

But how is this necessarily a bad thing? I mean, USA even with the current trends in inflation in your local grocery market…we are STILL paying far less than most of the world is for food in relation to our overal incomes. AND WE ARE STILL consuming more…and wasting more. Isn’t it time we started thinking about what we really find essential and what effect our constant consumption is having? Of course. 

I find myself buying a little bit less, portion wise and buying a little less often. Therefore, seafood, like meat in general in my house these days (especially since the CSA started) is a special thing, not a requirement for every meal. We enjoy these items more because we have them less and we get better quality when we do make the purchases. It just makes sense from so many angles but the main reasons for me are “is it gonna taste great?” and ” am I reducing my families negative impact on the earth?”