Hello world!

October 2, 2009

Word Press: “Welcome to WordPress.com. ”

Me: “Why thank ya’ll.”

I started a blog several years ago when I had my son, largely about staying creative in the kitchen and focusing on bargains and things that just taste good. I took a break in April and have decided to get back at it but in a new venue. I decided to include a few past posts from the old blog that … well, should help introduce me, I guess but also shows a little of what I did with the time I spent writing the old blog. 

First, my family joined a CSA in June, 2008 which has since greatly enriched our lives both in the kitchen and out.  As of this October 2008, I contribute blog posts and in general help with updates to the blog for the CSA. Investing in a small farm, belonging to a community organization and giving back through volunteering has been a high point for me in my life in NYC. The enjoyment we’ve had of CSA produce led to our family focusing more on where our food comes from and paying attention to things like “buying local”, “environmentally friendly packaging”, “supporting small farmers”, etc. and so forth. Like everyone else, I guess, I started reading Bittman and Pollan and then taking to heart what I was reading. But more than that I re-discovered my roots as a Southern farmer’s daughter and realized that knowing where my food comes from is important to me.

That being said, Pollan didn’t make me forget my love of Mrs. Julia Child and I can’t live without a little Ruth Reichl-like food in my life from time to time. But being a foodie and considering the source can go hand in hand and should.

The second really important thing I did with those months of  “old blog” was start a ladies dining group which is still going strong almost 2 years later. With a core group of four women, including myself, we’ve challenged each other’s creativity and formed a close bond of friendship over beautiful monthly meals. Each month a different core member hosts, comes up with and delivers the menu and other members/guests are given a choice by the hostess of what to bring. There is always a great time had by all.

So…why “Stinky Cheese”? I dunno. It is a food and one of my favorites but I also plan to have regular “Cheese Corner” and “This Week in Crazy Cheese” postings.  I also hope to pepper this site with plenty of posts about local food, farmers markets, access to small farm products, healthy eating, kid-centric food ideas, my own recipes, recipes I come across and simply must share and how I use food efficiently and creatively in my own kitchen.

Thanks for Reading and ya’ll come back,