– Spicy roasted macadamia nuts served with Aviation Cocktail (Kinsey recipe. Available on New York Times website.)

– Cow’s milk cheese made in Tipperary, Ireland. Served w/ bread from local Astoria bakery (that was AMAZING) and a Sicilian Iced tea (cocktail recipe from the blog "30 bucks a week". I used simple syrup I infused with fresh rosemary. It rocked.)

– Micro-green salad (kohlrabi and beet greens) topped with sauteed pea shoots and shallot and a rice wine dressing (my own concoction)

– Pork loin "coins" in a fig molasses and mustard cream sauce over a bed of purple new potatoes and baby carrots (both csa) roasted in a mixture of olive oil, butter, herb de provence, sea salt and pepper.
(wine w/ entree brought to LWD by sarahbird)

– Berry cornmeal cake w/ fresh whipped cream

Micro-green  Pea shoot Salad

– pre-rinsed and air dried (paper towels are good!) Micro-greens (small handful on each plate)
– Saute 1 cup of pea shoots (2 handfuls) w/ olive oil and 1 chopped shallot for 2 minutes and then put over micro-green beds
– Dressing is 1 tbsp olive oil, juice of 1/4 lemon, 3 tbsp. mirin. Drizzle over salads on plates.