May 1, 2008

 *exhausted sounds…ugh…oy…so forth*

OMG I have just spent two days 9 to 5 on Facebook. Was prompted by Sarahbyrd to sign up a few days ago…holy the cow. I’ve found all my past lives and the current one. This thing is crazy.

And well, I’m addicted. Addiction is helped along by serious boredom at work. It is not good, in this economy, when there is nothing to do.

Kevin has been in school and traveling for work this week so cooking has been spotty. Frankly, there has been a whole heck of a lot of Il Bambino (tasty paninis, soup and salads in Astoria, Queens).  The only thing I did was make my standard porcini flav-ah risotto using this:

I keep a box on hand at all times. You can pick them up at DiPalo’s on Grand Street or most good Italian Food specialty shops. The one on Broadway in Astoria carries it. All you really need is this, good parm and patience to make a good basic risotto, I think. Sauteed collard greens in olive oil in my cast iron skillet and scooped them out on top of the bowls of risotto…sort of an Italy meets Bama kind o’ meal. Didn’t add salt to the collards because I clean our cast iron skillet with kosher salt so…that does the trick then;). I got my collards from Fresh Direct but Trade Fair carries them sometimes and I believe Fairway does as well. Trader Joe’s sells a 2 lb. box of risotto for something like 2.99 which feels reasonable to me.



Folie à deux

April 4, 2008

Folie à deux  roughly is a syndrome where two people, usually living together, share a similar delusional belief. The below is from wikipedia:

Margaret and her husband Michael, both aged 34 years, were discovered to be suffering from folie à deux when they were both found to be sharing similar persecutory delusions. They believed that certain persons were entering their house, spreading dust and fluff and “wearing down their shoes”. Both had, in addition, other symptoms supporting a diagnosis of paranoid psychosis, which could be made independently in either case.

This syndrome is most commonly diagnosed when the two or more individuals concerned live in proximity and may be socially or physically isolated and have little interaction with other people.

MY GOD but doesn’t this sound a lot like parents of an infant? Increased isolation after the initial throng of visitors, increased dust bunnies due to lack of time to do things like sweep and certainly there were many times I would awake from a sleep deprived haze to wonder how I might have ended up at point B and where the heck was point A again…which would explain why my shoes might have gotten worn out…all the aimless wandering. 

Pesto Part Deux 

– green peas (cooked), fresh basil, parm, olive oil, pine nuts

– artichoke hearts (cooked), arugula, lemon juice, olive oil, a splash of a crisp dry white wine

The above are both good with pasta, of course ,but also work with various seafood or tossed in to add a spike of flavor to sauteed broccolini, rabe, green beans and so forth.