Ten Favorites in the Cupboard (and what they cost)

September 15, 2010

Sometimes I just open the doors and gaze in. I like to just look. Ponder upon the contents.

In NYC we have very little storage space for anything. When I saw the number of cabinets in our kitchen, I didn’t care that the doors were falling off…the number was RIGHT. Granted, I don’t have an actual pantry (translation: a closet entirely for your food!) and all told, I really only have six cabinets where food is stored. Still…for NYC? That is a LOT. I have a small cupboard devoted to vinegars, honeys, oils…things like orange blossom water and sesame seed oil. I have a liquor cabinet where I also store canned items in the back (read: Mason jar cans), because it is dark and cooler. I also keep things like bitters, extra bottles of olive oil, vinegars that haven’t been opened, etc. I have a set of cabinets largely devoted to glass jar items (I have things like Nutella and Trader Joe’s lemon curd tucked away for a rainy day) and to my son’s snack stash (which is considerable. Crackers, apple sauce, juice boxes, etc.). I have a few shelves on the baking rack containing the tea selection and large sealed containers with pastas, rice and “the flour box” which is a large plastic tub containing 5 or 6 types of flour at any given time. Then there are the two cabinets with everything else. One shelf is filled to almost overflowing with dried herbs, peppercorn selection, salts…. One shelf contains things like 3 different kinds of powdered cocoa, the shortening, the baking powder, extracts, truffle salt, cream of tartar, etc. Then there are the stashes of dry goods and can goods. I have to have a couple of boxes of crackers around at all times. Ditto cans of sardines. Good ones. I’d like to think we could survive for a few weeks, at least, if we needed to, without much more than water, TP and milk (in that order…).

So here are my favorite things, today, in my cupboard and what they cost:

– Matiz portugese sardines – $2.99 per tin
– Trader Joe’s Lemon curd – $2.99 per jar
– Barilla tri-colore fiori – $1.49 per box
– dried sage leaves – $1.50 for the half-herb share that week
– La Baliene coarse sea salt – $3.49
– Scharffen Berger unsweetened cocoa powder – $7.99
– 365 brand tomato paste tube – $1.49
– 365 brand pumpkin puree – $.99 per can
– King Arthur’s unbleached all-purpose flour -$4.99 for 5 lbs
– fig and lemon preserves – $.50 for the lemons and $.20 for the sugar


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