Some bargains

March 24, 2010

and some not.

Our CSA haul this month was, as usual, yum:

– 2 lb. bag of corn meal
– one dozen large eggs
– 1 jar of Beth’s Black Currant jam
– 1 small chicken
– bratwursts
– Tomme-like cheese

Pretty excellent. We’ve already eaten the brats and I made a rosemary flatbread yesterday using some of the corn meal. Have opened the jam and it is, frankly, decadent.

Went to Costco today and found a CRAZY deal for bakers… 2 lb. bag of Red Star brand Active dry yeast for $3.79. Ok…a three pack of those 7 gram packets cost between $2.25 and $2.99, depending on what grocery store/health food store you amble into in this city so…WOW! I had to have it. Now we’ll have to have a LOT more bread, obviously. The regular CSA season starts in two months, though, so it will be all bread and veggies all summer and fall. We signed up for herbs and veggies so there may be a lot of pesto spreads/dips, herb breads…it could get out of hand.

The yeast was the same price as one, rather lovely, golden honeydew. Yes, it was grown in Brazil and therefore totally out of season here but we haven’t had melon in ages so, again, I could not resist. I regularly find Baby Bells, organic low fat milk, and butter a major bargain there. Found a ten pound bag of organic sugar for a little less than $8 today…really great. I normally get the turbinado there but the poundage is less for a similar price and this is better for say, baking a cake.


Slow Roast

March 2, 2010

The thing about making plans is that then life happens, or so someone once sang… The not eating out thing? Didn’t work out due to unforeseen complications. Like…say, one had to go to the ER for some reason? Yeah. Take-out happens.

In the last 5 days, I’ve baked bread twice. We got this haul in our last CSA delivery:

– 5lbs. whole wheat bread flour
– 5libs. half white half whole wheat bread flour
– 2lbs. buckwheat flour
– 4lb. pork roast (boneless, shoulder, tied)
– jar of Beth’s Strawberry Rhubarb jam (already almost gone…)
– 1/2 lb. of local “cheddar-like” cheese
– 1 dozen eggs

Yes, I love my life! Right now I’m slow roasting the pork roast according to a wonderful “farm to table” cookbook we received from my sister-in-law this past Christmas called _Earth to Table_ (Crump and Schorrman). You have to marinade the roast in fennel seeds, olive oil and salt and pepper for at least 4 hours and then roast it for 6 hours on medium low heat.

I’m currently contemplating recreating my grandfather’s bbq sauce recipe which it seems both my mother and aunt do not have…which means it is lost. A SAD discovery. My results on a future post…