Two nights ago I retired to the kitchen after Boogie bedtime duties to survey prospects. We had 3 pieces of chicken I’d thawed out on the weekend, some salad greens and some fresh rosemary bread. Clearly, dinner was going to be good.

The rosemary bread was simple. I just served slices with some room temperature butter on each plate. I made Julia Child’s favorite vinagrette to dress the salad greens. It is in the book she did with Pepin which is GORGEOUS and all should own it but it is just basically lemon juice, dijon mustard (or stone ground is fine), salt and pepper, olive oil AND the secret weapon, minced shallot. It is so very yum. 

Since I was making the salad dressing, I decided to take Julia’s tips on roasting chicken. She browns a whole chicken…like, sears it and then puts it in the oven to roast.

I took a little kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and after washing and patting dry the chicken pieces (one breast, one thigh and one wing all bone-in, skin on), I sprinkled them with that. I heated a saute pan and put olive oil and two tbsp. of butter in and then really browned the chicken. 1/2 through browning (and I mean golden brown), I added the juice of 1/2 a lemon, a dash of vermouth and some chopped fresh rosemary to the pan. Once browned, I took the pieces and put them in a casserole dish with more rosemary, lemon pieces and poured the butter and oil from the pan over the chicken. I baked the chicken for 20 minutes at 350 and served. So tasty. This was really not hard. The dinner was simple and kind of…scraps thrown together. The most difficult thing was washing away raw chicken germs…like ya do.